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CompuTach - Computer Performance Monitor


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CompuTach Right Gauge

Knowing is Half the Battle

What's that lag? Did I max out the RAM? Is it over-heating? Am I out of gas?

See what's going on inside your computer in real-time with the CompuTach, or just make your desk chair feel like a NASCAR® driver's seat.

CompuTach Back Render Gauge

Baby Got Back

To look cool, you gotsta be cool, that's why we used some of Atlanta's most innovative engineers to make the CompuTach, light, efficient, silent, and sexy as hell.

Sit the CompuTach on top of your monitor and enjoy the silent satisfaction of viewing temperature, ping speed, RAM and CPU usage on this bad-ass gauge.

Rear stand CompuTach

Built Solid

The CompuTach was designed with strength, stability, and longevity in mind. We spared no expense and packed it full of next generation chips and stuff that makes it do cool things.

We also added a heavy-duty stand enabling secure mounting to your monitor or laptop. Plus, you can just fold the stand up and place it on any flat surface at a LAN party so you can show it off.

CompuTach Breadboard

Started from the bottom now we're here. -Drake

Click the link to see CompuTach's humble beginnings.

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